Nefta football club movie trailer | Yves Piat | short movie Festival Cinéma Arabe

Cinéma Arabe presents: Nefta football Club | Yves Piat | France, Tunisia | 2018 | komedie| 17 min. | Arabic spoken – English subtitles

tue 07-05 | 19:00
thu 09-05 | 19:30
sun 12-05 | 16:45
Rialto Amsterdam

wed 8-5 | 19:00
Lumière Cinema Maastricht

In the rare moments that they are not playing soccer, brothers Abdallah and Mohammed race their moped over the hills surrounding Nefta. One day they come across a wandering donkey, strangely wearing headphones on his ears. What’s even more remarkable is the load he carries on his back.

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