Sports Arbitrage Betting

Risk Free Profits

Most people know sports arbitrage betting or sure bets as a loophole that allows the punter to make risk free profits regardless of the outcome of the event. This occurs because the range of odds being offered on an event by bookmakers can vary greatly. There can be a number of reasons for this:

a) The sport being covered maybe outside a particular bookies area of expertise, for example a UK bookmaker offering odds on an NBA game.

b) Lack of local knowledge. Geographical location of the bookmaker can make it more difficult to gain information on an event. eg. Australian rules football for a German bookmaker.

c) Location and money flow. Large amounts of money being bet on a local team will probably mean that a local bookmaker may shorten his odds. For example a local Liverpool bookmaker would probably have shortened his odds on Liverpool winning the Champions League 2nd Leg game against Chelsea because of the volume of local money being bet on the local team. A London bookmaker however may have experienced the opposite with Londoners betting on Chelsea.

Most of the larger more established bookmakers have their own odds compilers that are experts in their field. However not all bookmakers have the resources to do this, some of the smaller bookmakers will simply follow the lines of their larger competitors.

There are other reasons too but they all amount to the same thing:

Odds are based on opinion.

And because these opinions differ from bookmaker to bookmaker we can take advantage of that.

With the correct staking with the help of an arbitrage calculator we can make sure that we make a guaranteed profit on any side of the bet. The size of profit can differ from bet to bet, but will usually be between 2% and 5%, but it is not uncommon for risk free profits of 10% or 15% to be available. I am sure you will agree, one of the key ingredients to success in this business is turnover. 2% may not sound much, but if you are doing it 2 or 3 times a day, 5 days a week it soon starts to add up.

Sports arbitrage betting is not the key to untold riches and please bear in mind that it is risk free and not effort free.

Of course, if it was the key to untold riches then I doubt I would be typing away here telling you about it! It does however offer the following significant benefits:

  • Tax free earnings
  • Flexible working hours
  • Potentially vastly superior returns compared to regular investments; savings accounts, property, and the stock market.
  • Ability to work part time or even full time from home.
  • It is fun!
  • No specialist sports or even gambling knowledge required.
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