FIFA World Cup – Development Benefits for Hosting Countries

The FIFA World Cup is an international association football competition hosted every four years in different countries of the world. Besides the fact that the citizens of the hosting countries have the opportunity to view all the matches live and support their favorite team without additional accommodation and travel expenses, this event is believed to bring other tremendous advantages as well. First of all, a great influx of visitors is expected to come into the hosting country during the competition boosting the tourism in the cities where matches are held. The global media coverage is also a great method of boosting the popularity of that country becoming a long term benefit for its tourism. FIFA World Cup regulations are also quite strict when it comes to the condition of the stadiums and the safety of the participants. This means that great investments are made into the repair of the stadiums. More than that, the enhancement of the infrastructure is also counted as one of the development benefits World Cup hosting countries receive.

The competition is fierce between countries when it comes to deciding which will be the next event organizer, because the advantages and interest involved are huge. After a country gets chosen, the World Cup predictions usually start to pour in the media, especially when the choices are controversial. When the previous competition was held in South Africa, many people feared and predicted that it will be a disaster, but fortunately the results were great in the end. This event became an opportunity for the African people to take the spotlight and show their beautiful side t the world. Beside the short time benefit, that is the great anticipated flux of tourists that will help the hospitality industry tremendously, there are also long term benefits. Nobody can contradict those who believe that the FIFA World Cup plays a great role I boosting the international image of a country.

The secret behind this spur growth is simple to explain: the government of the hosting company takes the commitment that it will bring the stadiums and infrastructure to the level stipulated by the FIFA committee. Regular inspections are also held to ensure everything goes according to the schedule and often the cities where the matches are held become construction sites. In the end, events of such proportions such as the Football World Cup are meant to enhance the global image of the hosting countries and subsequently its cities. If the organizers fail to prepare properly for a competition of such scale, the popularity of the event will go down and the flux of visitors will decline. Imagine the blow the FIFA Cup and its committee will receive, if things were to go wrong due to an error made by the hosting country. The media and football fans would go on a rampage, think only about the volume of FIFA World Cup predictions being made before every match and you can clearly see that this topic will have enough coverage to deal a great blow.

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