How to Improve Your Cycling Speed and Endurance

Cycling is a very popular sport. Just look at the tour the France and the huge number of racing bicycles sold each year. In the summer we all want to put our best foot forward and some of us decide to start cycling. But how can beginners and pros improve quickly?

1. Get a good bike. A good bike is very important. Try to add 2 kilograms of weight to your two wheels and ride your daily routine, you’ll know what I mean. Trek bikes are generally well received but are sold at high price points. Try to get the best possible bike for your price range. Read reviews, ask for test drives and keep a good eye at the development of new models coming out. Important things to look at are the weight, material the frame is made of, aerodynamics and number of gears.

2. Drive at comfortable speeds for long periods of time. Don’t train by riding 10 minutes at ultra human speeds. This will not improve your cycling but only create big muscles needed for sprinting. Ride at a comfortable speed for several hours to achieve the best results. Don’t get too comfortable though, be sure you are tired at the end of your training otherwise increase your pace.

3. Eat healthy and get enough sleep. Eat a lot of vegetables and don’t drink too much soda. An unhealthy life style will limit your training progress as well as your fatigue in general. Another important factor in getting optimal training progress is your amount of sleep. During your sleep muscles recover and grow when they have been heavily strained. If you sleep less than the recommended 8,5 hours your muscles will have less time to recover and less time to grow.

4. Do other activities. Training other sports or doing other activities will really help your fatigue. Play soccer with your mates or try tennis for a chance. Your body will be exposed to a new activity that requires other strengths. New muscles will be used and trained to help you with all activities in your life.

5. Be at your best mentally. Your body performance will not only depend on your physical power but also on your mental abilities. Fear can lead to shaking and other negative effects that limits your optimal fatigue window.try improving mentally by overcoming fears you have and limiting stress. Limiting stress can be achieved by lowering the work load or doing exercises like Yoga.

6. Wear good gear. Ever tried biking in yeans? Then in shorts… it’s a world of difference. For the best performance go for the tight short and tight shirt that all pro cyclists wear. But don’t wear it if it makes you uncomfortable. Because this will have a negative impact on your cycling.

7. Get the click shoes. Get the shoes that click to the pedals. Having these shoes will come with several advantages. First they are thin so really let you feel the pedals. Second it’s stuck to the pedals so you can push and pull the pedals down and up. Seriously this might improve your performance as much as 20%.

8. Train your whole body. Have an extreme low fat percentage. It’s not about being the lightest or having most muscles. It’s about having a nice balance between muscles and weight. Try to go for a low fat percentage and a nice pack of upper body and center muscles. Obviously leg muscles are the most important but don’t neglect other areas because it will come back to haunt you.

9. Don’t drive the same route every time. Variation is very important. You should not let your body and mind ride the route it knows inside out. For one it’s boring and it will limit your progress. Search for new adventures routes every time you go and don’t avoid steep climbs.

These tips should help you with your cycling. Hopefully you can soon improve and be up there with the big guns. Join the forum to discuss this article with fellow riders.

Improve your cycling

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