Who is Going to Be the Winner of the World Cup Soccer 2010?

Featuring fantastic teams such as Spain and Brazil favoured to win the coveted trophy, the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa promises to be one of the best in soccer history. Now we’ll take a look at some of the problems the contenders may face if they make it to the finals.

Spain is a great team that probably won’t have any problems in its first round, but may have a more difficult time in the second when it may faces wither Brazil, Ivory Coast or Portugal. I think Spin will be going to the finals if they can make it past round two.

One of the favorites is Brazil, but there are many good teams in their group so a strong start is crucial.

Great Britain has a few players such as Ferdinand, Gerrard, and Lampard who are going to compete in likely their last huge tournament, thus I think that they’ll go right past their group, yet they could play the German team in the next round, and likely the Brazilian team in the semi finals, so it’s a slim chance that they’ll win the World Cup. How fit Wayne Rooney is will be a major factor.

France was an awful qualifier and players like Henry are beyond their greatest, thus, I do not think that they’ll get far, particularly with an odd manager who French society hasn’t even rated. And if you ask me who is gonna be the winner I would say that the most likely winners are Brazil, Spain and Germany.

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