The FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule After the Second Round

On Monday 21st June 2010 all teams have played 2 games and the FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule starts to be more defined. Teams such as Argentina, The Netherlands, Brazil and Chile won both games. The European Teams, such as France, Germany and Spain, considered among the strongest at  International level , have already lost one.  Italy and England are in an in between situation and Portugal made a come back with its 7-0 victory against North Korea.

The teams with two victories are sure to make it to the second part of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule, but it is still not clear who is placing first and who is facing second in their groups.

It is known, that The Netherlands will play on 28th June 2010 in Durban against whoever places second in group F, ie. Paraguay, Italy, New Zealand or Slovakia. At this point nobody can predict what is going to happen.

There have been many surprises in the first part of the preliminaries in South Africa: France loosing against Mexico, Germany loosing against Serbia, Spain loosing against Switzerland. Ghana being first at the time being in group D.

Cameroon is already out of the game: they did not make it to the second part of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule as they lost their first match to Japan and the second to Denmark. Besides Ghana, all the other African nations are still hanging in there, but with few chances to go on. South Africa, Nigeria and Algeria are all last in their respective groups, while Ivory Coast is second last.

On Monday 21st June the verdict for North Korea is final: out, no chance to continue the soccer adventure in the African Continent, while the other two Asian teams, South Korea and Japan have good opportunities to go on.

There are some hot matches to come in the next days,  as everything is still quite open and only a few verdicts have fallen until now. All the coming games will define who will be going home and who will access to the second part of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule. Lets wait and see.

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