Ballon d'or 2021 WINNER in terms of Stats | Messi Vs Lewandowski

The 2021 Ballon d’Or ceremony is only days away now. Soon, the biggest wait of the year in the football universe will be over and we will finally find out who the best player of the year is.

Although you were not allowed to vote for the Ballon d’Or winner, here, you can decide who your own winner is. To us, your vote surely counts.

In this video, we will be presenting you with the stats and achievements of the 2 major contenders in the year under review. Then you can go ahead and tell us who deserves the coveted prize in your opinion.

We may not know the winner yet, but at this point, we are pretty positive that it is down to 2 people. The 2021 Ballon d’Or award is surely going to go to one of Robert Lewandowski or Lionel Messi.

But who deserves it more?

You probably blurted out a name immediately after that question. But wait a minute, watch this video till the end and tell us if your decision still remains the same.

We will be comparing these 2 players under 8 different categories to find out who was better this year.

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