Why Did The Germans Lose WWII?

The other day, I was discussing the «lessons learned in WWII» and how this might help war planners in the future. My acquaintance presented an interesting question to me, namely; «How come Germany couldn’t repeat the quick victory they had over France, against the Russians, and Allied Forces in the big battles later in the war? Were the French and their military high-command incompetent?

Well, yes, I suppose, but also due to the smart tactics of the NAZI war planners to blitz was brilliant. That battle will go down in history as one of the greatest in the last 250-years. Some might say that the French were ignorant to have let that happen, perhaps I might even find myself in that camp as well. The French military had all the artillery facing only one way, so they got caught totally flat-footed with their artillery.

That did go down in history as one of the greatest maneuvers and strategies of all time, and the French, well, big blunder. Further, it takes a lot of people to hold territory, and then the German Military had much more on their plate. Just as the US had once we beat the Iraqis, and the Taliban, next we had to hold territory, that’s a giant exercise and logistically a big burden see?

Now then, why did the Germans ultimate lose the war you ask? Well, my initial response would be because of:

1. Bureaucracy in the German High Command

2. Micromanaging by Hitler and Stubbornness

3. Poor Feed Back Loop – fear, created YES men

4. Poor Use of Military Assets

5. Mistakes in Tactics

6. Fighting on too many fronts

7. Underestimating the Allied Forces

8. Weather Issues Fighting the Russians

9. Loss of Secret Communication Codes

10. Supply Chain Failure

The NAZIs actually could have won, even should have, but they underestimated the US involvement and bit off more than they could chew fitting too many battles, on too many fronts, they basically screwed up! And the allied forces capitalized on those mistakes and just as in any story, conflict, war, or football game «events occur» and the battle thickens.

It’s good to know that the Allied Forces won the war, we deserved to win, we worked hard for it and came in with big numbers, and bold ambition. The Russians also did their part on that side, between the two, even the mighty and feared NAZIs were no match. And that my folks is my military history thought of the day. Please consider all this and think on it.

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